How Long Will My License Be Suspended for a 2nd DUI in California?  A Message From Attorney Simmons

First, I will recommend to you to speak to a 2nd DUI attorney who can evaluate the circumstances regarding your DUI case to determine the exact length of drivers license suspension because this area of law is very very complicated and will depend greatly on the facts of your actual case as well as any deal an attorney is able to get for you in court. 

This is likely why you can't get a straight answer to your question of how long the suspension period actually is.  That said, please read the following and click on the links to learn more about the suspension lengths for a second DUI arrest in California.

The length of your drivers license suspension for a 2nd DUI in California will depend on the circumstances surrounding your DUI arrest as well as if you hire an attorney to help negotiate your case.

For example, if a person was arrested in 2003 for a first DUI and arrested again in 2011 for a standard 2nd DUI, if the person's attorney negotiates a deal in court, the client will be able to get his drivers license back after 90 days of no driving for a restricted license. 

However, if that same person doesn't hire an attorney and merely walks in to court and pleas guilty to 23152 (a) aka, DUI, that person will have to wait 1 year from the date of conviction to be eligible for a restricted license.

If your DUI is not a standard 2nd DUI, in meaning, if you are an alleged  refusal or are on probation, the suspension lengths are will be different, but none less than 90 days.

 - DMV Suspension Lengths -

Under 21

First DUI

First DUI w/ Refusal

Second DUI

Second DUI w/ Refusal

Third DUI

Third DUI w/ Refusal

DUI Accident w/ Injury

Felony DUI

Commercial License